Since my childhood when my father taken me to stadium and arenas, no entertainment has attracted me as much as sport and exercise. This was continued until I became athlete and began playing and competing. All my childhood was spent in stadiums and pools. During my high school education when I was participating in school-level and provincial competitions, I was sure that I’m talented more than my peers and imagined a bright future for myself in the sport field. In some way, I have had activity in some routine sport fields but my professional activity is restricted to futsal and this lead me to concentrate on attaining my goals in this field. Even though I am life guard and have some coaching and referee certificates for other fields such as volleyball and handball, but my priority is developing my futsal skills. Just as player, I would not hit my aspirations and my leading and management capacity, so as one of the youngest participants, I get AFC D- and C- level coaching certificates in 3 years. Then, I get AFC LEVEL 1 coaching certificate and began working with Iran premiere league futsal teams. After some experience, I must to upgrade and develop my skills so this time I registered in AFC LEVEL 2 coaching course and get its certificate successfully. After that, I was invited to practice coaching for Iran national student futsal team. As coach for under- 20 futsal league teams, I won first and second places. Furthermore, to increase my technical knowledge and skills, I mastered in Microsoft Office, movie edit, and futsal analysis software. Moreover, I hit qualifications to work as Physical education teacher and discover and raise talented adolescents. Now, after ten years of experience, I opt to continue my education at master level in your country as, from my viewpoint, Italy has one the highest levels of futsal and football training throughout the world.